How We Work

The Decorating Den Interiors mission and goal is to “Make the world more beautiful, one room at a time!” We know that a delightful, enjoyable and affordable design experience can be YOURS! So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today!

A design professional will come to you:

At Decorating Den Interiors we specialize in ONE thing – YOU! It’s our ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your likes – your lifestyle – and we pride ourselves on doing everything within YOUR budget.

Together we'll determine your project and size:

On the first appointment, which is complimentary, please plan to spend 60 to 90 minutes with me.  I will take a tour of your home, show you my design portfolio, discuss ideas for your project, and establish a budget.  I will take measurements, digital photos, and gather anything else I will need to work on your project.  Together, we will set up a time for a second appointment to look at specific designs for your home.

A design representation is created:

On the second appointment, I will return with samples of the products for your design project.  It is so much easier for you to make good design decisions when you can see how the fabrics, wallcoverings, rugs, etc., will look in your home, with your lighting, and with any existing furnishings you have decided to keep.

Remember . . . the best part is that I don’t charge a design fee if I am providing all of the products and services.

Color consultations and design consultations are quoted on an individual project basis.

At last, work toward the final reveal!

Busy people appreciate how I preserve their time by managing the details of the project for them.  I will take care of everything until it’s time for installation and delivery.

I will always be on hand to supervise the delivery and/or installation of any product I order for your design.  You won’t be left alone with a delivery person wondering where something is supposed to go, or a contractor asking you to make a decision on the spot.  That’s my job. It’s just that easy!

Everything about  Decorating Den Interiors is custom – from initial design ideas all the way through installation.  I handle it all – making your life easier – and saving you valuable time.